Annual General Assembly

At this year’s Annual General Assembly, in addition to standard activities and customary financial reports, elections were held for six positions of AmCham Board of Governors that became vacant this year. It is our pleasure to announce that the following members were elected:

Berislav Horvat, Ernst & Young d.o.o.

Boris Bauk, Hewlett-Packard d.o.o.

Mihael Furjan, Pliva Hrvatska d.o.o.

Anita Letica, Philip Morris Zagreb d.o.o.
Sanja Matić, Abbott Laboratories d.o.o.
Natko Vlahović, Vlahović Grupa d.o.o.

  • November 22, 2017
  • 16:00h - 19:00h
  • Sheraton Zagreb Hotel

1. Appointment of tellers of election

2. Determination by tellers of election of whether a quorum is present

3. Opening of the Annual General Assembly and introduction by the President of AmCham

4. Report on the activities of AmCham by the President of AmCham

5. Financial report by the Executive director

6. Adoption of the list of arbiters

7. Elections for the Board of Governors positions

8. Appointment of the liquidator of AmCham

9. Miscellaneous

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