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CRODUX derivati dva d.o.o

Category Patron Member Industry: Energy

CRODUX Group represents a group of companies active in the energy sector, registered in the Republic of Croatia, Zagreb, Savska Opatovina 36. The Group is the only energy sector group in Croatia providing full energy solutions to its customers, from sale of oil products, natural and liquefied petroleum gas to electricity. CRODUX Group is a privately owned enterprise, with 1000 staff members. The three major Group's companies are: CRODUX DERIVATI DVA d.o.o is a company specializing in retail and wholesale trade of oil and oil products. Retail network currently consists of 66 filling stations across the Country, offering best quality fuels for petrol and diesel engines, in full compliance with EU Standards: EN 228 for petrol , EN 590 for diesel and EN 589 for LPG. CRODUX PLIN d.o.o. is a company specializing in trade, distribution and warehousing of liquefied petroleum gas, import, trade and supply of natural gas and trade and supply of electricity. The company holds quality management system certificates ISO 9001, the Quality Control Laboratory Certificate and the AEO STATUS. CRODUX ENERGETIKA d.o.o. is a company (functioning as an SPV) specializing in a single activity: development of a combined gas power plant in Slavonski Brod, Croatia.

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