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DHL and Cranfield School of Management report: E-Commerce is Transforming B2B
June 20, 2018

DHL and Cranfield School of Management report: E-Commerce is Transforming B2B

DHL Express, the world’s leading international express service provider, has released a white paper with Cranfield School of Management investigating the current trends and significant potential of the international e-commerce landscape for business-to-business (B2B) companies.

The paper provides a practical guide to specific digital features and strategies used by businesses that are developing a cross-border e-commerce offering and presents a framework for companies to better understand and benchmark their own level of e-commerce development. E-commerce is radically transforming the way in which B2B companies operate and opening up new market opportunities around the globe while simultaneously challenging many established companies to keep up with more agile newcomers. To compete in this changing market environment, B2B companies are also having to change their supply chains, becoming more transparent, streamlined, responsive and flexible. DHL Express is very well placed to help industrial companies expand more actively into e-commerce. For companies looking to build flexibility into their networks and to take advantage of the overseas demand that arises, with the launch of an e-commerce offering, we can provide global network that make door-to-door access to overseas markets and a premium service offering possible. This white paper identifies five categories of features that are essential to B2B e-commerce platforms: digital infrastructure, customer experience, customer personalization, seamless integration and synchronization of logistics. It also offers practical recommendations to companies that wish to further develop their capabilities across these five categories, such as using business intelligence tools to capture better data and enhance customer insights and looking at the supply chains of major retailers for inspiration when developing omni-channel sales networks.

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