Member Seminar - Decision making process in the EU - how can business influence national and European decision makers

AmCham was pleased to organize Member Seminar on decision making process in the EU that was held by Daniel Mondekar, Director, Maksima komunikacije.

The seminar tackled questions like:

  • How can business influence the legislative and decision making process in Croatia and Brussels?
  • What are the mechanisms in Croatia and how does the EU coordination function in Zagreb?
  • What is ordinary legislative procedure and what kind of documents Brussels „produces“?
  • What are the key initiatives of EU in 2018/2019 and what are the crucial documents and events that business should follow?
  • What are the opportunities for Croatian business in Brussels?
  • How can we advocate in EU institutions?
  • What are q-ngo's and business associations?
  • Where can we find the best help and networking that will reflect on our business?

This event was for AmCham members only and it was free of charge.

  • May 22, 2018
  • 09:00h - 11:00h
  • AmCham office meeting room, Strojarska cesta 22
Due to Mr. Mondekar's obligations in Brussels, seminar is postponed.

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