Meeting with Mr. Nenad Šćulac, Assistant Minister at the Ministry of Environment and Energy

March 28th, 2017

On 17 March, AmCham organized a follow-up meeting with Mr. Nenad Šćulac, Assistant Minister at the Ministry of Environment and Energy to discuss its recommendations to reduce environmental fees for end-of-life vehicles (ELV), organize payment of the ELV fee upon the first registration of the vehicle, ensure that funds generated from ELV fees are used specifically for related purposes, and to improve the system of waste oil management.

On top of the mentioned recommendations, AmCham communicated a number of irregularities in relation to the automotive industry, including burdensome administrative procedures, abuse of trademarks, lack of incentives for the purchase of new and electric vehicles, noncompetitive VAT rate compared to other EU countries, illegal car landfills, illegal distribution of car parts etc. Tackling these issues would have positive impacts on the environment and tax collection.

Mr. Šćulac informed that a number of mentioned issues are being considered and changed through bylaws. The Ministry of Finance, the Ministry of the Economy, Entrepreneurship and Crafts, the Ministry of Interior and other state bodies and agencies are also stakeholders in this process and it will demand a joined action to tackle these issues. Certain measures are currently being included in the Waste Management Plan, but it is expected that the whole system will be changed via new legislation by the end of the year. Working bodies will be formed to discuss particular issues.

AmCham expressed interest to participate in the working bodies to assist in the process of improving the system. Mr. Šćulac agreed to check whether formal participation by AmCham would be possible, but committed to share information on accomplishments and agreed to a follow-up meeting before the summer.