Members News: Croatian Post Signs Contract with DHL

September 4th, 2017 Members News: Croatian Post Signs Contract with DHL

The signing of contract between Croatian Post and DHL on August 23rd in Bonn marks another important milestone towards the implementation of the Post’s Business Development Strategy Pošta2022 – Development of Logistic Capacities

Zagreb, 4 September 2017 – Croatian Post and DHL have established cooperation in parcel delivery. Croatian Post CEO Ivan Čulo signed the contract in Bonn on August 23rd 2017. The cooperation will primarily include B2C segment of parcel delivery in a digital environment, which is gaining popularity across the EU due to significant e-commerce growth rates.
Croatian Post is now a member of the DHL Parcel Connect network which includes 26 European countries. The end customers will be provided with faster and better service and the possibility of online tracking in real time. For Croatian Post this cooperation means improvement of quality of services in the postal services market.

The Post’s Business Development Strategy Pošta2022, in addition to expanding logistics capacities and entering new markets and market niches, also focuses on the development of core business and knowledge management, as that is part of its corporate social responsibility and affirmative corporate culture. This cooperation is another milestone directly connected to the efforts of the company to fulfil its mission statement and that is to be at the service of citizens.