About Us

Environment and Energy Efficiency Committee

Chair: Branko Kondić
LMG Autokuća d.o.o.
Velikogorička 18a
10419 Vukovina
phone: +385 1 6254 072
e-mail: bkondic@mitsubishi-motors.hr

Vice-Chair: Berislav Botinčan
BMS Synthesis d.o.o.
Braće Domany 8
10000 Zagreb
phone: 385 1 5507 197
e-mail: bbotincan@oikon.hr

Mission statement:
Creating a forum within which we may present, discuss and share ideas about the appropriate path to Croatia's ecological well-being while respecting her continued economic and industrial development.


1. E-Mobility
• Creation of the infrastructure for the use of electric cars (e-mobility) as a way of creating “cleaner” transport with less fossil fuel emissions

2. Biodiesel production
• Continuation of production can be enabled through higher penalties and implementation of such penalties for non-mixing of biofuels in with fossil fuels
• Croatia is obligated to implement an EU Directive requiring fuel distributers to reduce fossil fuel emissions by 6% by 2020, while the national action plan is to be implemented by Sep 2017

3. Circular Economy
• Further improvements are necessary in order to make steps towards a circular economy in Croatia, such as:
  - Payment of communal fees according to consumption level by introducing the „Pay as you throw“ model
  - Waste allocation in households by motivating citizens to use “green islands” and recycle waste
  - Monitoring air quality following the modernization of the waste disposal system at specific locations

4. Energy Efficiency
• Better energy efficiency measures are required to reach the goal of significant fossil fuel emissions reduction.

5. Management of Agricultural By-products
• Management of agricultural by-products in Croatia is inadequate, increasing environmental hazard risk

6. Waste oil management
• Improvement of current waste oil management and recycling solutions in order to reduce environmental hazard risk

Committee Members:
ALSTOM Hrvatska d.o.o. - Zdenko Jugović
BMS Synthesis d.o.o. - Berislav Botinčan
Coca-Cola HBC Hrvatska d.o.o. - Željka Nemanić, Primož Skubic
Ecolab d.o.o. - Ida Krizmanić
General Electric International Inc. Glavna podružnica Zagreb - Gaetano Massara, Krešimir Kovačić
Hrvatska banka za obnovu i razvitak - Ana Šimić
Hrvatski Telekom d.d. - Dino Novosel, Igor Cerinski, Tomislav Šušmak
Institute for Lean Six Sigma (ifss) - Six Sigma adriatic d.o.o. - Vladimir Puškarić
Karanović & Nikolić d.o.o. - Boris Dvoršćak
LMG Autokuća d.o.o. - Branko Kondić
MEBU d.o.o. -  Aleksandar Lončar, Milan Bukvić, Jasmina Širanović
Odvjetničko društvo Župić i partneri d.o.o. - Mirna Pavletić Župić
Puck Custom Enterprise International d.o.o. - Robert Spajić
Board representative: Odvjetnički ured Marija Pujo Tadić - Marija Pujo Tadić