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The Transatlantic Economy 2017
Daniel Hamilton and Joseph P. Quinlan, Editors

AmCham Croatia is pleased to present you with an electronic copy of the Transatlantic Economy 2017. The study presents the most up-to-date facts and figures about the EU-US economic relationship. The research was conducted independently by Dan Hamilton and Joseph Quinlan of the Center for Transatlantic Relations, Johns Hopkins University.

The research shows that the transatlantic economic relationship generates close to €5.2 trillion in total commercial sales a year and employs up to 15 million workers on both sides of the Atlantic.

The study includes dedicated profiles for 30+ European countries and all US states.

You can download the publication HERE.

You can also download Key findings

Together for Jobs and Growth - The Transatlantic Trade and Investment Partnership

Giovanni Mastrobuono, Communications Officer, AmCham EU

Publication produced by the American Chamber of Commerce to the European Union on behalf of the AmChams in Europe network.

The European Union and United States enjoy an economic relationship that is unparalleled anywhere else in the world, born of common ancestry and history, and driven by shared values and interests. Today, the transatlantic economy supports an estimated 15 million jobs on both sides of the Atlantic and generates nearly €4 trillion in total commercial sales. That relationship is continually strengthened by new business developments and investment opportunities, though there are still barriers to trade and investment. However, these challenges represent an opportunity and it is the desire to realize this opportunity that has led to the beginning of talks for a Transatlantic Trade and Investment Partnership (TTIP) agreement.

Negotiations began in June 2013, and what was clear from the start was that TTIP is much more than the elimination of tariffs. These talks will focus on the many regulatory restrictions and lack of common standards and approval requirements. TTIP would facilitate trade between the world’s largest economies, and break new ground. The potential benefits of successfully implementing the TTIP are considerable, and not limited to trade, but for investment as well.

You can download the publication HERE.

The Case for Investing in Europe 2016
by Joseph Quinlan, Fellow at Johns Hopkins

The report concludes that the case for investing in Europe remains as compelling today as it has been for the past half century. European countries feature prominently at the top of the list of most business-friendly nations and competitive economies. The transatlantic economy enjoys unparalleled integration and the author underlines that this partnership is crucial to the success of both the European and American economies. With the on-going negotiations for the Transatlantic Trade and Investment Partnership, there is no better time to highlight the value of Europe as a place for American business to invest.

You can download the publication HERE.