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Promotion of Alternative Dispute Resolution (ADR) Methods

The AmCham ADR Committee continued promoting alternative methods of dispute resolution as an out-of-court solution to effectively resolve disputes, with the aim of educating AmCham members of the their benefits, and inform them of the best suited institutions, individuals and ad hoc choices for successfully resolving their disputes. The Committee prepared an index of relevant national and regional ADR institutions and compiled a list of AmCham members (lawyers and mediators) willing to provide basic free consultation regarding ADR (benefits, risks, costs etc.) to fellow members. This is an exclusive member-to-member free service and the list is published on the AmCham website.

AmCham met with the representatives of the Ministry of Justice to present the Committee’s activities and express interest in participating in the consultation process for the drafting of changes to the Civil Procedure Act. The Ministry was very open to further cooperation and confirmed they would include Committee representatives in the working group for drafting legislative changes. Subsequently, the Committee prepared a short proposal of amendments to the Civil Procedure Act in relation to articles concerning the use of mediation and arbitration, which was submitted to the Ministry.