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Future of Croatian Healthcare

Upon invitation by the former Minister, AmCham met the representatives of the Ministry of Health to discuss continued cooperation on relevant healthcare issues, including the "payback" system for drugs, centralized public procurement in the healthcare sector and payments to suppliers of healthcare institutions. The AmCham Healthcare Committee’s position paper entitled "Support of reforms in the health system" was also discussed in light of the announced changes to the Law on HealthCare and the Law on Compulsory HealthCare Insurance.

AmCham organized a Power Breakfast on the future of Croatian healthcare, where the former Minister of Health Siniša Varga and Director of the Croatian Health Insurance Fund Tatjana Prenđa Trupec spoke on the subject of the proposed legislative changes. The topics discussed included defining the basket of services and possibility to choose service providers under mandatory healthcare insurance, accreditation of hospitals, standardization of healthcare services quality in all contracting entities, role of registries in the allocation of funds for certain specialist services and in planned strategic procurement in healthcare, and public availability of healthcare quality indicators as a tool for enhancing the competitiveness of healthcare institutions in the mandatory healthcare insurance system.