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Enforcement of Intellectual Property Protection

The Intellectual Property Rights (IPR) Committee published the position paper “Recommendations for Improving the Enforcement of Intellectual Property Protection in Croatia”. The paper identifies the priority courses of action aimed at realizing the strategic goal of promoting economic growth through the improvement of the national intellectual property system and the harmonization of the national legal and institutional framework for the protection of IPR with the EU acquis and practices.

As a result, the State Intellectual Property Office (SIPO) invited AmCham for a meeting in order to discuss AmCham’s recommendations and identify potential ways of cooperation. Mrs. Ljiljana Kuterovac, Director General of the SIPO, confirmed that AmCham’s position paper correctly identified the main problems related to IPR protection in Croatia and welcomed its recommendations, as well as provided relevant information on the operational issues faced by the SIPO in its efforts to enforce IPR in Croatia.

Mrs. Kuterovac asked for AmCham’s assistance with raising awareness of the importance of IPR and their protection for economic development at the highest political level, and invited AmCham to actively participate in the working groups dealing with the enforcement of IPR in Croatia.