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Promotion of Alternative Dispute Resolution Methods

The Alternative Dispute Resolution Committee published the position paper “Mediation as a Way of Achieving a More Efficient Judiciary”, prepared by our Alternative Dispute Resolution (ADR) Committee. The paper highlights the economic benefits of mediation, proposes legal amendments as part of the public consultation on the Draft Proposal of the Law on Amendments and Additions to the Civil Procedure Act, and offers recommendations for further development of the mediation system. Mrs. Renata Duka, Assistant Minister at the Ministry of Justice thanked AmCham for its valuable contribution and invited AmCham to cooperate on further promotional activities related to mediation, which was gladly accepted.

AmCham was also invited to participate in the meeting of the Ministry of Justice’s Alternative Dispute Resolution Commission. The invitation was not for permanent membership of the Commission, but it nevertheless signifies recognition of AmCham’s work and its inclusion in the public-private dialogue on ADR in Croatia.