Policy Advocacy

AmCham’s policy work is our flagship benefit reserved exclusively for our members and deals with issues of utmost relevance to our membership. AmCham’s policy work relies on expertise of our members who work towards finding solutions to obstacles to doing business in Croatia.

The most important goal is to make sure that AmCham’s members have the opportunity to participate in the political process and contribute to the development of the Croatian economy and society as a whole. AmCham's policy advocacy activities are primarily conducted through expert Committees and Task Forces formed by AmCham’s members. Position papers are the main format through which AmCham represents the views and recommendations of its members. They are the first and key step of each policy advocacy initiative, which includes meetings with Government ministers and officials, events targeted at main stakeholders, media coverage of main recommendations etc.

Position Papers

December 28, 2017

Comments on the Draft proposal for the Road Transport Act

Comments on the Draft proposal for the Road Transport Act

December 21, 2017

“Recommendations for Strengthening the Use of Mediation in Croatia”

“Recommendations for Strengthening the Use of Mediation in Croatia”

December 5, 2017

Employee Share Plans Taxation in Croatia

Employee Share Plans Taxation in Croatia


Committee is a working group formed around a certain policy topic and continuously works on specific issues as per its Annual Policy Plan.

Task forces

Task force is formed based on a single policy issue and it is dissolved when the issue has been resolved.

policy procedures


AmCham’s vision is to be the leading business association contributing to a strong and competitive business environment in Croatia, as well as growing transatlantic cooperation. This can only be achieved by playing a major role in Croatian policy-making.

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