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AmChams in region support the Three Sees Initiative’s future development
June 27, 2022

AmChams in region support the Three Sees Initiative’s future development

On June 21, at the Three Seas Summit (3SI) and Business Forum in Riga, Latvia, 10 American Chambers of Commerce (AmChams) from the Three Seas region''s countries signed a joint statement to support better infrastructure in the areas of energy, transport and digital development.

AmChams invited stakeholders to establish a joint Executive office to raise awareness of S3I and accelerate tangible cross-country projects and to build a more integrated, prosperous and secure region within the EU.

This year’s joint statement follows two previous statements signed during 3SI Forums in 2021 at Sofia and in 2019 at Ljubljana.

The current geopolitical situation and the war in Ukraine have underlined the necessity to strengthen the interconnections of the region and confront common challenges in areas including energy security, supply chain shortages, critical infrastructure protection, cyber security and climate change. This is the moment to build better infrastructure to connect 3SI countries.

AmCham Latvia president John Tully emphasizes: “The Three Seas Initiative offers enormous opportunities for our region which is especially important in these geopolitically challenging times. I see our role in continuing to encourage investment and bold policies in building the future of the Three Seas region. Now is the time for our countries to become more closely integrated with one another and within the transatlantic community. We must work together to strengthen the interconnections of the region.”

To view the statement click HERE

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