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ETRANET Group launches first generation of ETRANET Incubator program
January 22, 2021

ETRANET Group launches first generation of ETRANET Incubator program

The first generation of young junior developers began their paid professional development as part of the new ETRANET Incubator program. This is a continuation of the activities that ETRANET has previously carried out with young and promising developers, but now formalized as a separate, regular program as part of the company''s activities.

As Nenad Filipec, Head of Product Development and initiator of the Incubator program, says: “ETRANET Group has always been open to giving a chance to young developers who may lack formal education or classic work experience, but show potential and desire. What the ETRANET Incubator program offers is an easier entry into the world of programming. Namely, we are aware of how difficult it is for beginners to master a basic set of practical skills if they have another, regular job that takes them 8 hours every working day. Therefore, we provide all participants in the program with adequate income that allows them to better dedicate themselves to learning and developing programming skills. We also provide all participants in the Incubator with a development environment - hardware, software and education - and a mentor who helps them develop. "

There are currently 4 participants in the first generation of the program - these are young developers who partly have a formal programming education, and partly acquired their previous knowledge independently with another full-time job. During the initial 6 months, all of them will master basic technologies and development environments, and they will gradually be involved in active projects depending on individual progress.

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