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How will Joe Biden influence the global economy?
January 22, 2021

How will Joe Biden influence the global economy?

Report on the new US administration: The Scene as Joe Biden takes office, Joe Biden’s first act: American Rescue Plan, Joe Biden’s team: his principal appointees, Biden’s Chances in Congress: excerpts from discussion with John Boehner and Joe Crowley.

The actions of the US government continue to have a major impact on business globally. Business strategists therefore need a clear indicator of what economic policy Joe Biden intends to pursue, the quality of the people he will appoint to implement it, and his chances of success in negotiations with the US Congress. Report on the new US administration summarizes the situation as he enters office, provides details of his first major initiatives, lists the primary qualifications of his major appointees, analyses his odds in Congress with excerpts from a December intel session with former Speaker John Boehner and former high-ranking Democrat Joe Crowley, and summarizes Biden’s main economic priorities as he enters office.

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