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Institut za compliance, criminal compliance i anti-money laundering - ICCrA

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INSTITUTE FOR COMPLIANCE, CRIMINAL COMPLIANCE AND ANTI-MONEY LAUNDERING shortened (ICCrA) established in accordance with the provisions of Art. 11 of the Law on Associations and registered in the Registry of the Association of the Republic of Croatia, as well as in the Registry of Nonprofit Organizations at the Ministry of Finance.

The work and activities of the ICCrA Institute are in line with the Action Plan for 2017 and 2018 with the Strategy for the Suppression of Corruption for the Period 2015-2020. ICCrA as such is the first and only one to recognize and sublimate all three areas: Compliance, Criminal Compliance and AML, and with its team and interdisciplinary, professional and scientific approach, offers the best solutions for all types of business organizations and other institutions. ICCrA aims to familiarize the public with Compliance as a practice that has been used for a long time in as a self-contained self-help mechanism in strengthening legal certainty in general and in the sector of the economy, which has the effect of attracting foreign investors and investors operating in other markets, which imposes the need for a unified legislative action framework for all economic subjects.

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