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NOVA TV d.d.

Category Patron Member Industry: Media / Publishing

NOVA TV is Croatia's first private commercial television station. The channel, launched in 2000, and has been owned by Central European Media Enterprises Ltd since July 2004, has a reach to approximately 90% of the country's 4.3 million people. NOVA TV is one of Croatia's main sources for premium news and news magazines, high-quality locally-produced programming and successful international content, all of which is specifically targeted to its Croatian audiences. Since its launch, NOVA TV has continued to introduce new TV genres such as Croatia’s first sitcom, talent show and investigative magazine. With over 700.000 monthly unique viewers and 47 percent reach, NOVA TV also boasts Croatia's leading media Internet outlet, which include the country's first video news portal – www., the largest blog service – and featuring world’s leading technology of full screen internet television.

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