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Press Release - Annual General Assembly of American Chamber of Commerce
November 23, 2021

Press Release - Annual General Assembly of American Chamber of Commerce

The American Chamber of Commerce in Croatia (AmCham) held an Annual General Assembly meeting, which featured the presentation of the activities of the Chamber and the financial report. Also, the members elected four members to the Board of Governors of the Chamber who will serve two-year terms:

  • President: Ruža Tomić Fontana, General Manager, CocaCola HBC Croatia
  • SecretaryTreasurer: Tatjana Skoko, Country Manager, Microsoft Croatia
  • Untitled Governors: Miodrag Matijaca, General Manager, Teknoxgroup Croatia and Miroslav Šaban, Country Manager, Philips.

AmCham has again marked an increase in membership this year, and it represents companies which employ over 91,000 people in Croatia, which proves the continuous quality of its work. Companies based in the US and Croatia as well as other international companies comprise more than 260 members of the American Chamber of Commerce. As the oldest foreign chamber in Croatia, for over 22 years AmCham has been strongly contributing to the improvement of business operations by advocating the best business practices as well as a range of recommendations for making Croatia an attractive investment destination, and it has been distinguished as one of the most successful business organizations of the Croatian private sector. These are exceptional results, especially considering that AmCham is an independent, non-profit, and non-governmental organization funded exclusively by its members.

During 2021 AmCham has continued its efforts to advocate for public policies, and published 15 position papers on topics including the digitalization of enforcement proceedings, the introduction of vouchers for the development of digital skills, as well as the adoption of certain recommendations for attracting foreign investments. The work on the recommendations of necessary reforms in the area of economy has continued as well, especially regarding the recommendations for the tax system reform and the improvement of legal and health systems.

AmCham’s detailed position papers on certain topics are published on the Chamber’s webpage.

During 2021 AmCham has organized 73 own events. Among other things, these events include conferences on health innovations, the role of tax policies in the development of the economy, the future of digitalization in Croatia, the latest green and digital transport trends led by e-mobility, financial sustainability and the efficiency of the health system, the Digital Services Act and its impact on the economic recovery, as well as the digital transformation of Europe.

Last week AmCham organized an event where the members could learn more about the opportunity for the business community to take advantage of the EU funds.

In 2021 AmCham has continued with the ninth generation of the socially responsible program for young leaders, AmCham Talents, the fourth generation of the program “Boardroom Discussions: Digital Transformation from CEO Perspective”, which has recently been recognized as the most creative and innovative program of 2021 by AmChams in Europe. The program is intended for the higher managers of the member companies of AmCham who are interested in learning about trends in digital transformation, and AmCham will continue the program in the year 2021/2022 as well.

Furthermore, in cooperation with AmCham Finland, in 2021 AmCham Croatia has continued with the program Launchpad USA which helps Croatian companies make their first steps on the US market.

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