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Span Awarded the Employer Partner Certificate
January 22, 2021

Span Awarded the Employer Partner Certificate

IT company Span is the latest holder of the Employer Partner certificate (CEP).

Of all the evaluated areas, Span achieved the best results in the areas related to HR strategy and recruitment and selection processes. Span has a well-organized human resources management department, which actively participates in creating and implementing the strategy of the entire company. The company's recruitment processes are designed to ensure equal opportunities for everyone, with special emphasis placed on regular informing of job candidates about their status, as well as the protection of all data collected about candidates during the selection process.

All new employees get a mentor who helps them to get acquainted with their new job more easily, and all employees have at their disposal a variety of additional trainings during the year, with which they can continuously develop professionally.

The company is especially proud of the numerous initiatives with which they aim to protect and improve the health of all their employees. Employees have access to regular general medical examinations and eye examinations, the possibility of flu vaccination and, since the beginning of the pandemic, the possibility of working from home. In addition, Span regularly conducts 360 surveys as well as work climate surveys, and organizes structured performance evaluation interviews of employees with managers and HR staff, in order to hear the needs of employees and plan their career development. Also, all employees have the opportunity to get individual psychotherapy or participate in support groups.

"The strength of Span's leadership belief in HR is reflected in the saying of our CEO that Span is actually a human resources company specializing in IT. Numerous internal research that we conduct speak in favor of the quality of our HR processes. However, all of this has no real weight until you get an objective external confirmation. That is why I am especially proud of my HR team because in the challenging year that was 2020, we managed to further streamline and improve our processes and I am grateful to SELECTIO for recognizing and crowning it with this certificate", said Antonija Kapović, HR Director.

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