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The First Porsche Destination Charger for Plug-in Hybrid Vehicles in Croatia at Esplanade hotel
June 12, 2019

The First Porsche Destination Charger for Plug-in Hybrid Vehicles in Croatia at Esplanade hotel

Prestigious brands Porsche and Esplanade Zagreb have united their visions and enabled their guests to charge their hybrid vehicles from now on - for free. Through this project, the Esplanade Hotel confirms its regard for sustainability and the promotion of green energy, also proving that it follows the latest global trends and standards in unique luxury services

After being the first in the region to install destination chargers for Tesla electric vehicles a couple years ago, the Esplanade, through its vision of sustainable business, has established a new collaboration with the automobile house Porsche, becoming the first location in Croatia to offer its guests, Porsche vehicle owners (as well as all others who own vehicles with standard European connectors), the possibility to charge their vehicles free of charge using the Porsche destination station.

'This service once again proves that the Esplanade is among the top hotels who, following the latest trends in the luxury services market, are trying to exceed the expectations of their guests and offer a different experience of their stay. Porsche is synonymous with high quality, excellent design and a specific lifestyle, as is the Esplanade Hotel, so it makes me extremely happy we have achieved this unique collaboration. To support our guests who are trying to live sustainably and who have a Porsche or another brand of hybrid or electric vehicle with a European connector, we have decided to set up a charging station within the hotel area – without a fee for our guests. Practice had shown that guests positively react to these kinds of innovations and implementing new luxury service trends is a way of business that we are especially proud of. Since we have already installed Tesla destination chargers, we hope we will be seeing only ‘green tin pets’ on our parking lot soon,' said Ivica Max Krizmanić, General Manager of the Esplanade.

At the Porsche destination station for electric vehicles, one needs only a couple of hours for a complete charge, with the help of an 11 kW charger. The Model Type 2, which is located within the area of the Esplanade Hotel, offers the possibility of charging all European hybrid and electric vehicles, which additionally increases its value because of the huge number of car brands that can be charged there. In Europe, there are currently 49 thousand Porsche stations for charging across 12 different countries. After the installation of this first station, Porsche Centre Zagreb feels that, considering the ever growing number of existing hybrid vehicles in the Republic of Croatia as well as the fast-growing trend of hybrid technology, the installation of many other stations can soon be expected throughout Croatia.

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