Virtual event with Minister of Justice and Administration Ivan Malenica

Minister of Justice and Administration Ivan Malenica was the key speaker at AmCham's virtual event on February 2, 2021.

Minister Malenica said that in order to increase the efficiency of the judiciary and speed up the procedures, the Ministry was working in two directions - legislative framework and digitization. In addition to amendments to procedural laws such as the Civil Procedure Act, which will prescribe deadlines for making decisions, one of the Ministry’s strategic aim is to address cases older than 7 years. The introduction of new digital solutions will make communication with judicial bodies and the procedure faster and easier for all involved in the procedure.

Future activities of digitalization of the judiciary were also discussed at the event. More specifically, the development of new tools such as the inclusion of new judicial bodies in e-Communication, development, and upgrade of the e-File system in terms of establishing algorithms for assigning cases, development of a new e-Enforcement system that will enable the submission of electronic forms - proposals for enforcement based on credible enforcement, as well as the connection of Ministry of Justice and Administration’s services with systems at the EU level. Regarding legislative activities aimed at expediting court proceedings, they relate to amendments to the Civil Procedure Act, that is prescribing deadlines for finishing first and second instance proceedings; and small claims that will be settled as written proceedings, while holding hearings will be exceptional.

The efficiency of the judiciary and the improvement of legal security as well as the business and investment environment in Croatia are of great importance for the business community since they are the precondition of the business stability in Croatia. After general recommendation for judiciary improvements, AmCham will continue working on recommendations for creating a successful system for collection of receivables, focusing on Bankruptcy and Enforcement Acts.  Using AI as predictive technology in court proceedings and digitalization of Business share registry are also the topics that AmCham will address this year.

The video from the event is available here.


  • February 2, 2021
  • 14:00h - 15:00h
  • Online
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  • 14:00-14:10 AmCham welcome address
  • 14:10-14:40 Key address by Minister of Justice and Administration Ivan Malenica
  • 14:40-15:00 Q&A

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