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Zagreb's Esplanade Hotel Is the First in Croatia to Recognise WWF’s ''Food Waste'' Global Initiative
August 14, 2019

Zagreb's Esplanade Hotel Is the First in Croatia to Recognise WWF’s ''Food Waste'' Global Initiative

WWF and Esplanade Zagreb Hotel joined forces in the food waste reduction initiative aimed at sustainability, zero food waste and environmental impact reduction.

In Europe, there is an estimated 88 million tonnes of food waste, while one in five citizens are at risk of poverty. The amount of global food waste is more than sufficient to feed every hungry person on the planet. In the past 40 years, the amount of food waste has doubled. More than 50 million tonnes of fruit and vegetables grown in Europe are thrown away each year just because they are deformed or the wrong size. These are just some of the worrisome facts that prompted the Esplanade to join the WWF’s (World Wildlife Fund) global Food Waste project as the first hotel in Croatia and the region, seeking to contribute to reducing food waste and thus reducing its harmful impact on the environment and planet Earth.

'Through its responsible business and waste management program, the Esplanade Hotel has for many years sought to properly and efficiently manage ingredients in the procurement, preparation, and recycling of food waste, but through this initiative the intention is also to further maximize the use of food in kitchens and restaurants. Through staff training and informative and educational messages aimed at guests, we will strive to highlight this global problem. Of course, we also want to encourage other individuals and institutions to move in this direction,’ said Esplanade General Manager Ivica Max Krizmanić, and added: ‘The Esplanade Hotel has a zero-waste strategy. This project is challenging, it requires some changes in the behaviour of staff and guests in their handling of food, but with the right tools and a focused leadership, through proven methods and examples of good practice, we believe we will achieve measurable results.'

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