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Alpha Capitalis d.o.o.

Category Small Business Member Industry: Financial Services

ALPHA CAPITALIS is engaged in providing finance, audit, accounting and tax services.

A team of experts from different areas of finance provides support to customers at all stages of business development. Team members of ALPHA CAPITALIS have years of experience in investment banking, financial advisory, audit, restructuring, controlling and managing accounting. In addition to practical work, this team builds up their knowledge through lifelong learning and possesses professional certifications: Certified Auditors, Certified Internal Auditors, Certified Appraisals, Certified Accountants, Certified Investment Advisors, ACCA and CFA. Through professional services in the field of finance, auditing, accounting and taxation, ALPHA CAPITALIS creates value for customers by building a self-sustaining system, managing their finances, reviewing financial statements and acquiring capital for business development. Corporate Finance : 1. Mergers and acquisitions 2. Due diligence 3. Valuation 4. Financial restructuring 5. Debt restructuring 6. Feasebility study 7. EU funds Audit : 1. Audit of Financial Statements 2. Establishment audits 3. Audits of Mergers of Companies 4. Audits of Increase and decrease in share capital 5. Division audits 6. Audit of EU project 7. Audit of the final account 8. Audit insight 9. Forensic revision Accounting : 1. Accounting 2. Calculation and VAT registration 3. Calculation and preparation CPT returns and withholding tax returns 4. Accounting Consulting 5. Calculation of monthly salaries Tax Advisory : 1. Tax planning 2. Tax review (profit, income, VAT...) 3. Tax optimization 4. Transfer pricing studies Controlling : 1. Implementation of controlling system 2. Introducing ISO 9001:2015 3. Sistematization of jobs 4. Implementing the bonus scheme and the variable part of the salary 5. Implementing Key Performance Indicators 6. Planning and Budgeting 7. Measurement of efficiiency 8. Regular reporting 9. Interim CFO 10. Rent-a-controller

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