AmCham Croatia

The American Chamber of Commerce in Croatia is the voice of American, Croatian and other international companies investing in Croatia.

Since 1998, AmCham Croatia represents business interests of U.S, international and companies in Croatian ownership. We are wide international platform which gathers companies regardless of their origin or size, committed to doing business in Croatia and contributing to Croatian competitiveness and high business standards.

AmCham represents 326 companies which employ over 95.000 people in Croatia. AmCham Croatia has been founded as non-governmental and non-profit business organization and is fully funded by its membership.

Vision of AmCham Croatia is to be the leading business association contributing to a strong and competitive business environment in Croatia and growing transatlantic cooperation.

Mission of AmCham Croatia is to provide to its members a forum for developing business opportunities, through promoting high standards of business practices, pursuing policy advocacy and offering high level networking.


  • AmCham fosters ties between Croatia and the United States through trade and investment
  • AmCham aims to strengthen partnership between the business community and the Croatian government at all levels
  • AmCham facilitates cooperation among members
  • AmCham promotes regional trade and pan-European cooperation

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Since 1998, AmCham Croatia represents business interests of American, international as well as Croatian companies. With 326 members, employing over 95.000 people, we are the voice of international business in Croatia. We are the first choice of international companies for policy advocacy in Croatia.

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