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Bosch Croatia donation to people of Banovina
March 25, 2021

Bosch Croatia donation to people of Banovina

Bosch Croatia: Inhabitants of Banovina have to rebuild their homes and lives from the ground up and it is our duty to help them in the years to come. Bosch Croatia in association with competent services and the People for People initiative has donated two shipping container homes, over a hundred heaters and several sets of tools to people in need to help repair the damage left by the devastating earthquake.

All Croatians have united to help the inhabitants of Banovina, which was hit by one of the most devastating earthquakes in Croatian history on 29th December 2020. On that fateful day, a lot of people lost everything they had been working for and building their whole life. Bosch Croatia immediately decided to help, has been helping ever since and will keep on doing so.

The first few days after the earthquake, we donated products that we, given our expertise, could obtain the fastest or already had in stock, and that were among the most needed items at the moment. We are talking about several sets of tools that were needed for damage repair and removal of construction materials which posed a potential danger. The tools were given to the Glina Volunteer Fire Department. the following weeks, due to winter weather conditions, Bosch Croatia in association with the People for People initiative also donated and distributed over 100 heaters to the people in need.

Bosch Croatia also ordered two shipping container homes. They have recently been furnished and given to two families. Their homes were badly damaged by the earthquake. The experts classified them as unsafe for use. The two families were living in all sorts of improvised objects after the earthquake. The abovementioned shipping container homes are a Croatian product. They are completely equipped with sanitary installations, kitchen equipment and other essential furniture such as beds, tables, closets and other electronics, to make the people in need feel as comfortable as possible while living there

We coordinated all our donations with competent field services, who also gave the necessary information to the People for People initiative to make sure the donations got in the right hands.

“As a company, we have always been advocates of socially responsible business practices. We are investing more and more in this segment every year. I believe that we can only grow and develop collectively and individually in a good environment. Therefore, we immediately offered to help. Fortunately, a lot of our products and technologies being developed for the market have been extremely useful to emergency services and the general population. I am exceptionally glad that the donations found their way into the right hands. Although a shipping container home is by no means a substitute for a real home, it will at least provide adequate protection until the homes of these families are renovated. Each and every one of us should help as much as we can. Some of our employees decided to help not only through our company but also as private volunteers offering their help in the affected area. These people will need our help. Not only today, not only this or the following month. They will need all the help they can get in the years to come because a lot of them need to rebuild their lives and their homes from the ground up”, said Mirsada Kudrić, general manager of Robert Bosch Croatia.

Bosch Croatia has also announced that its representatives are going to visit the places affected by the earthquake in the coming days with planners and competent services to see where additional help is needed the most. The company will continue making donations. Bosch Croatia will now shift their focus to public institutions and primarily provide equipment and products that can be offered to educational institutions and health centres to provide the young with quality education facilities and to protect the most vulnerable among us.

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