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Hrvatska banka za obnovu i razvitak

Category Patron Member Industry: Financial Services

Croatian Bank for Reconstruction and Development - HBOR is a state-owned development and export bank, founded in 1992 pursuant to the resolution of the Parliament of the Republic of Croatia to facilitate the reconstruction and development of the economy.

In its operations, HBOR promotes systematic, sustainable and balanced economic and social development pursuant to the overall strategic goals of the Republic of Croatia. Main activities: 1. Financing the reconstruction and development of the Croatian economy; 2. Financing infrastructure; 3. Promoting exports; 4. Supporting the development of SMEs; 5. Promoting environmental protection; 6. Insuring the exports of Croatian goods and services against non-marketable risks. Credit rating: • BBB- by Standard&Poor`s HBOR is the parent company of HBOR Group that consists of HBOR, Hrvatsko kreditno osiguranje d.d. (HKO) and Poslovni info servis d.o.o. (PIS). HKO is an insurance company for marketable risks.

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