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Klaster zdravstvenog turizma Kvarnera

Category Non - Profit Member Industry: Health Care

Kvarner Health Tourism Cluster gathers members from medical, touristic and university sector, as well as accompanying services with the goal of creating a recognizable and competitive health tourism product on the local and international level.

Our organization implies preparations and placements of the recognizable and competitive health tourism product which must follow the world trends, tradition, resource base and specific features of the destination. The Cluster operates systematically and actively on stimulating synergic processes, directed towards improving the range and quality of the overall health tourism offer of Kvarner as the destination of health, through joint placement of services on the health tourism market. Our vision is that Kvarner is positioned among the leading destinations of health on the European map, and even wider. We are recognizable for our year-round offer of high-quality services in health tourism, based on contemporary trends, resource base and tradition.

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