Launchpad USA

AmCham Croatia brings Launchpad USA program that will enable its members to expand their businesses to the USA.

Launchpad USA is an AmCham service package that supports the sustained business success of member companies breaking into or scaling up their business in the US market. On the Launchpad, companies receive realistic, practical, and tailored support to help them create and recreate a winning business formula. Launchpad USA is targeted primarily at small and medium enterprises and it provides them information and support crucial for starting up their businesses in the US.

AmCham Croatia has teamed up with AmCham Finland, which successfully provides these services to Nordic and Baltic companies, in order to also offer this unique opportunity to Croatian companies. You can find out more about the program at

Every year, AmCham Croatia together with Mike Klyszeiko, Director of Launchpad USA, organizes events to present Launchpad USA to its members and the general public, and share with participants the experience as well as what companies can expect to gain from the program.

For members of AmCham Croatia entering or doing business in the U.S. Launchpad USA Program offers:

  • Access to the Launchpad USA member-to-member site
    • special offers from US partners / Discounted Services
    • ability to promote your business within our community
  • Invitations to participate in all Launchpad USA events and webinars
  • Access to closed group on Social media
    • Peer to peer Networking
    • Business Critical Information
  • Ability to purchase additional members-only services
    • Virtual Office Package
    • One-on-One Advisory services (for example: 475 euros covers up to 5 hours of sessions)

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