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Podravka d.d.

Category Patron Member Industry: Consumer Goods

PODRAVKA - Company with a heart

Podravka Group is the biggest food processing and pharmaceutical company in Croatia and one of the leading food companies in the region of Southeastern Europe. Podravka has its own companies and representative offices in 20 countries, 13 production facilities and over 5800 employees. Our strong distribution network spans from Adriatic to Baltic Sea, bringing Podravka closer to its consumers on international markets. In its 70-years old tradition Podravka has created numerous brands which consumers recognize for their supreme quality. Most famous brands are Podravka, as the umbrella brand, Vegeta –food seasoning brand, being sold in more than 40 countries around the world, and Lino – children's food brand. In pharmaceuticals division Belupo, we produce and offer medicinal products having effect on the cardiovascular system, nervous system and on skin. Today, Podravka Group portfolio holds over 2000 different products, continuously working on innovations, to the satisfaction of its customers and market demands around the world.

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