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Swixx BioPharma d.o.o.

Category Patron Member Industry: Health Care

Swixx BioPharma is designed to fully replace biopharma, OTC and medical device multinationals across the counties of CEE and beyond, that the multinational chooses not to enter, or to exit. With

With the sales likely to exceed 600M € in 2022, Swixx BioPharma is already the largest agent for ethical pharmaceuticals serving research-based biopharma in CEE. Swixx BioPharma began operations in December 2014. Today, Swixx’ real differentiator is our 1,000+ employees, dedicating every day to provide modern medicines to patients in need, with an innovative mindset and dynamic company culture. The company has gathered under one roof a unique group of experienced managers and medical professionals with expertise in rare disease, oncology-haematology, specialty, and self-medication. We are a service-oriented, high quality and ethically driven company. Swixx BioPharma d.o.o. employs 60 highly educated professionals in Croatia. For more information about Swixx, please visit:

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