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Agroproteinka d.d.

Category Corporate Member Industry: Agriculture

Agroproteinka is a modern Croatian company and a market leader in the ecological disposal of by-products of animal origin and biodegradable waste.

In three separate plants, we process animal and plant by-products, biodegradable and cooking oil waste. By processing bio waste we get electric and thermal energy. By processing animal by products we get other valuable products such as component for pet food and energy sources which we mainly sell on the European Union market. The vision that Agroproteinka has nurtured for many years is to care for the health of people, animals and the safety of the environment. We realize our vision through concrete business actions: conscientious and fast disposal of generated by-products and waste and by acting according to the principles of sustainability within our processing plants. For this reason, we are constantly investing in new technologies and the expertise of our employees. We raise awareness of our employees and the wider community about the importance of caring for our environment. In our way of work, we support the concept of a circular economy, and by our example, we encourage others to do the same.

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