AmChams’ regional conference “Adriatic e-mobility tour“

American Chambers of Commerce in Croatia, Slovenia and Montenegro organized a regional conference “Adriatic e-mobility tour”. The conference was created as a platform for exchanging experiences and knowledge about the latest trends between the industry representatives and decision makers on how the Adriatic region can implement green and digital transport with the main idea being e-mobility.

The conference consisted of two panel discussions. Alongside Dino Novosel, Global Executive E-Mobility Leader, Hrvatski Telekom, Matej Čer, the founder and owner of AvantCar from Slovenia, and Ahmet Avci, the director and owner of Venn Tour (Tesla Taxi) from Montenegro also took part, and they agreed that the Adriatic region falls behind greatly when it comes to infrastructure, which is most of all the result of inadequate economic development, and it also falls behind when it comes to state policies and regulations, and they believe that decision makers should be more active in promoting public infrastructure. 

Dino Novosel, Global Executive E-Mobility Leader, Hrvatski Telekom, pointed out the following: “E-mobility represents a paradigm shift when it comes to the relationship of an individual, but also the entire society, towards the environment, having in mind the goal of long-term sustainability achieved by systemically replacing the harmful forms of energy with more efficient and more ecologically sustainable transport solutions based on active implementation of low-carbon technology.” He also concluded that, since the EU-funded projects prioritize digital and green technologies, this is an opportunity for Croatia to use the funds so that electromobility takes root in the context of technology, as well as the necessary infrastructure.

The main subjects of the second panel discussion, discussed by Josipa Božinović, Senior Professional Adviser – Specialist of the Independent Sector of Foreign and European Affairs and Public Relations, the Ministry of the Sea, Transport and Infrastructure (Croatia) and Darko Trajanov, Director General, Directorate for Sustainable Mobility and Transport Policy, Ministry of Infrastructure (Slovenia) were the European Green Deal and e-mobility. Although the subject of electromobility in Croatia, as well as Slovenia, is currently dislocated among multiple institutions and numerous legislative solutions, and therefore AmCham has proposed that a Croatian national law on electromobility and alternative fuels should be defined, following the example of the Polish law, but adjusted to fit national specificities within which this subject would be regulated, the participants of the panel discussion agreed that it is not very likely this would happen, but it is still important that the parts of different laws concerning electromobility are well coordinated and clear.

“Croatia has aligned its main strategical documents and policies with the goals of the European Green Deal. The main Croatian strategical documents propose investing in the modernization of the rolling stock, incentives to buy e-vehicles and investing in the infrastructure necessary for the implementation of alternative fuels, as well as research and development, including the project of autonomous vehicles development at the same time. Increased investments in the railway are a part of the plan, including both the railway infrastructure and the modernization of trains. The projects also involve ordering more sustainable marine and river vessels. All of the proposed activities will contribute to the decrease of the climate change impact on the environment, comprehensive digitalization and the resilience of the society and the economy,” added Josipa Božinović, Senior Professional Adviser – Specialist of the Independent Sector of Foreign and European Affairs and Public Relations, the Ministry of the Sea, Transport and Infrastructure.

  • April 20, 2021
  • 14:00h - 16:00h
  • Online
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  • 14:00 Welcome Address & Introductory Speech
  • 14:15 E-mobility Is On The Ride in Adriatic Region
  • 15:00 The European Green Deal and E-Mobility 
  • 15:45 Closing Remarks

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