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DOK-ING d.o.o.

Category Corporate Member Industry: Manufacturing

DOK-ING is a privately owned Croatian company and one of the international leaders in the production of mine clearance systems.

The company is ISO 9001:2008 certified and is capable of providing custom-made solutions for customers around the world. The DOK-ING headquarters and main production facilities are located in Zagreb, Croatia in a 15,172 m2 facility. An additional 14,000 m2 facility is located in Slunj, Croatia. To support its global operations, DOK-ING maintains offices in the United States and South Africa. DOK-ING currently exports its products to 24 countries around the world and is an authorized supplier for the United States Army. MINE CLEARANCE SYSTEMS The MV-4 Mine Clearance System is a tracked, remote-controlled machine designed to clear all types of anti-personnel (AP) mines. Due to its small dimensions and maneuverability, it is suitable for demining housing areas, forest paths, river banks, and other types of terrain that is inaccessible to larger machines. The MV-10 Double Tool Mine Clearance System is designed to clear various types of terrain containing anti-personnel (AP) mines, anti-tank (AT) mines, and unexploded ordnance (UXO). Due to its exceptional power and high clearance rate, the MV-10 is suitable for mine clearance of large areas contaminated with all types of mines and UXO. UNDERGROUND MINING VEHICLES The MVD XLP Dozer is designed as a very low profile, remote-controlled machine for the underground mining industry. FIRE FIGHTING SYSTEMS The MVF-5 Fire Fighting System is a remote-controlled, tracked vehicle that can fight fires without risk to human life. The areas of use include oil refineries, chemical plants, chemical storage areas, nuclear power stations, airports, and other high-risk areas. Branch Office: DOK-ING America Llc., Address: 1775 Wiehle Avenue Ste 400, Reston, VA 20190 Contact person: Ante Miličević, Vice President Business development Direct phone: +385 1 2481 310 Mobile phone: +385 91 4825 894

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