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Energy and IT renovation of the business headquarters of Podravka
September 20, 2022

Energy and IT renovation of the business headquarters of Podravka

After 11 months of work, the renovation of Podravka's business headquarters in the center of Koprivnica was completed.

This is the first complete renovation of the building since 1979, when it was built. The renovation included IT and energy reconstruction and overall modernization, thanks to which the working conditions of employees will be significantly improved and energy consumption will be reduced.

With the complete renovation, the number of workplaces in the building increased from the previous 521 to 586, and the energy class was raised from the previous level D to level A. Thanks to the energy renovation, energy consumption for heating will be reduced by about 82 percent, which is particularly significant in the circumstances of the huge rising energy costs. A total of 104.5 million kuna was invested in renovation and modernization.

The planning and design of the renovated building is signed by Forma Biro and the author of the architectural solution is Zdravko Sarapa. The main contractor was the company Radnik with subcontractors - the companies Ligo Grupa, Energos and Tromont, as well as fifty other subcontractors, while Sobočan and Tvin furnished the interior. Expert supervision was carried out by the company Gark Konzalting.

"With the completion of the renovation of the office building, we completed the largest part of the investments related to the improvement of the working conditions of all workers in Podravka. We are particularly pleased that this is not the only investment this year in improving working conditions. During the spring, air conditioning was installed in five of our factories in Koprivnica and Varaždin, which enabled suitable working conditions during the summer heat," said Martina Dalić, president of the Podravka Management Board, during the symbolic opening of the renovated building.

At the entrance to Podravka's office building, a memorial to the fallen defenders of Podravka, authored by Zlatko Kauzlarić Atač, was placed, and the outside space was enriched with another valuable and attractive work of art - the sculpture "Spice of Life" in the shape of a heart, signed by Nikola Vudrag, one of the most successful Croatian sculptors of the younger generation.

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