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Esplanade Oleander d.o.o. - Esplanade Zagreb Hotel

Category Corporate Member Industry: Hospitality Industry

Established in 1925, Esplanade Zagreb Hotel is one of the most famous and prestigious buildings in the historical city centre.

The hotel has a long-standing reputable history of world-class hospitality, recognized for the highly-personalized, impeccable service as well as being the centre of the social life. Two award-winning restaurants and bar are an important part of the hotel, each with a unique story and gastronomy concept, as is the legendary Oleander terrace and the magnificent Emerald ballroom. Throughout the history, the hotel accommodated many distinguished guests – politicians, musicians and movie stars, and many other high functionaries and public personalities. Esplanade Zagreb is dedicated to the outstanding service, nurturing its classic elegance and the attention to details – it’s the temple of superb gastronomy and the right place to experience true luxury for all the senses.

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