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Farseer d.o.o.

Category Small Business Member Industry: Information Technology

Farseer is a Croatian company based in America that developed its cloud software for business planning and analytics.

We were recently listed among the Top 15 global third-generation FP&A Software by the independent financial experts. Farseer is a financial planning and analytics SaaS tool that allows users to work in a familiar way (in the flexibility of spreadsheets) but with the power to resolve even the most complex planning scenarios of enterprise customers. It takes no time to implement, it is simple to use and the users simply love the ability to create and change models, dashboards and scenarios.It’s all backed by Farseer’s custom-built in-memory database optimized for quick updates and model recalculation, processing millions of cells in seconds. Farseer is helping companies to eliminate manual work, improve the accuracy and security, as well as gain new insights in the domain of financial planning and analytics.

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