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HPB celebrates 30 years of operations and the successful acquisition of Nova hrvatska banka
May 27, 2022

HPB celebrates 30 years of operations and the successful acquisition of Nova hrvatska banka

Hrvatska poštanska banka celebrated 30 years of operations, during which it strongly strengthened its market position and grew into one of the largest banks in Croatia.

In unprecedented and challenging circumstances at the beginning of this year, it acquired Sberbank, now operating as Nova hrvatska banka. The celebration of the 30th anniversary of the Bank was held in the presence of renowned guests at Esplanade Hotel in Zagreb.

The celebration of 30 years of HPB comes on the back of a record 2021 in which the Bank achieved the historically best net profit in the amount of HRK 202 million, assets grew to HRK 27.9 billion and the capital adequacy ratio reached 25.7%.

“At HPB, we have many reasons to celebrate, in addition to achieving the best results in history, we have also merged a new member in our Group, Nova hrvatska banka, which is now stable and successfully operating. After 30 years of thriving operations, we are strongly building the developmental path of the Bank, providing significant support to the economic recovery of our country“, said Marko Badurina, President of Management Board of HPB.

The celebration was attended by Prime Minister Andrej Plenković, who congratulated Hrvatska poštanska banka on its contribution to the Croatian banking system, particularly with respect to the Bank’s extensive network of branches, which makes it the most accessible bank to Croatian citizens today. The Prime Minister highlighted the exceptional readiness of HPB, in cooperation with an agile approach of the Croatian government and the Croatian National Bank, to integrate Nova hrvatska banka into the financial system and eliminate the risks exceeding HRK 8 billion. He also emphasized Croatia's readiness for the upcoming membership in Schengen and the Eurozone, which will give further strength to Croatian economy.

Founded in October 1991 and headquartered in Zagreb, Hrvatska poštanska banka has a rich history of milestones, with consistent efforts to bolster its market presence. The Bank set up its first branch in Split in 2003, kicking off rapid network expansion nationwide. The presence in Dalmatia was further reinforced with the successful acquisition of Jadranska banka in 2019.

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