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Hrvatska poštanska banka (HPB) was established in October 1991 in the ownership of Croatian Post. In its 30 years of business, it changed its ownership structure, but even today, it is majority owned by the Republic of Croatia.

HPB serves 586,000 clients, holds assets of 5.85 billion euros and capital of 525 million euros. With 69 of its own branch offices, as well as through the network of its strategic partner Croatian Post, HPB has the widest and most accessible business network in Croatia, where retail clients of the Bank in all parts of the Republic of Croatia can readily use a variety of banking services. With its specific market approach and through continuous improvement, the Bank provides high-quality and comprehensive financial services to citizens, government administration units and Croatian entrepreneurs, whether they are small, medium or large companies. In 2019, HPB merged Jadranska banka and HPB-Stambena štedionica and in 2023 Nova hrvatska banka (NHB), formerly Sberbank, thus continuing the development and creation of a strong and modern bank.

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