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Hrvatski kišobran d.o.o.

Category Small Business Member Industry: Manufacturing

From a small kiosk, with vision, persistence, and wise risk, Rogić, along with his team, built the Croatian umbrella, which is now known worldwide.

During the pandemic, we took the role of a reliable partner for several European companies that decided to strengthen their collaboration within EU. Through brand development, we encourage collaboration with Croatian and world-known designers. After establishing an integrative workshop in 2023, we plan to continue employing people with disabilities. Today, we have over 60 employees. We have received numerous awards and recognitions, with a special emphasis on those in the field of CSR and sustainability. We are the only mass producer of umbrellas in the EU, which allows us to promote Croatia worldwide. We are guided by three core values: honesty, equal opportunities for all, and win-win position. Our strengths include flexibility, attentive market monitoring, and customer feedback, as well as a manufacturing position that has become crucial in EU. For over half a decade, we have been actively investing in technology, new machinery, digitalization, process development, and employee education.

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