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Hrvatsko društvo za kvalitetu

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The Croatian Society for Quality (HDK) is a voluntary, non-profit association of organizations and individuals: professionals who want to improve the quality of their services, products and business, by exchanging experiences and knowledge and applying knowledge from the information available on quality in Croatia, Europe and the World.

Membership is made up of small, medium and large businesses, institutions, associations, organizations and individuals from various branches of the economy, education, the service sector and state administration. Since 1993, HDK has been a full member of the European Organization for Quality and a national representative for Croatia. HDK is the founder and organizer of the following international events: the Croatian Conference on Quality (since 1998) and the Scientific Assembly of the Croatian Society for Quality (since 2010). In 2003, HDK organized the first Croatian Quality Day, an event that celebrates European Quality Week and World Quality Day.

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