Introduction of the Euro Task Force

The Government of the Republic of Croatia plans to introduce the euro as the official currency from January 1, 2023. To meet this, a number of preparatory activities have already begun. On December 23, 2020, the Government adopted the National Plan for the Changeover from the Croatian Kuna to the Euro. Also, in the first half of 2022, it is planned to adopt the Act on the Introduction of the Euro as the Official Currency in the Republic of Croatia.

The aim of establishing the Task Force is to exchange members' experiences, identify potential problems and formulate issues and areas for which the public administration should provide support and offer answers to the business community regarding the introduction of the euro. The preparations for the introduction of the euro present a number of logistical and administrative challenges for the business community, and there are a number of unknowns that contribute to a certain degree of business uncertainty.

97 AmCham members joined the Task Force representing a variety of sectors, including retail and wholesale, manufacturing, ICT, the financial sector and services.

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