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LQ d.o.o.

Category Small Business Member Industry: Education

For over 12 years, LQ has been working on employee, culture and management system development in businesses across the region, while promoting innovative learning methods in business environment.

With its specifically designed educational programs, it successfully transforms the lives of people and organizations. The company's consultants are domestic and foreign renowned experts who annually hold educations for more than 2500 employees from 70 organizations in various industries and fields of work. LQ gives special attention to the use of digital learning methods, and in this line of work it has successful cooperation with the company CrossKnowledge, global leader in e-learning, and owned by American corporation Wiley Group. The company is also organizer of the regional digital learning conference called „Learning disruption“. Alan Žepec, CEO and the owner of LQ is, together with his team, developing new management models such as BOOM, new learning methods like the use of gamification, and builds a culture of dialogue and self-development through coaching, mentoring and assessment.

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