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Magic Forest d.o.o.

Category Small Business Member Industry: Technology

Projekt O? is a project about awareness development and urgency of forest protection through people's encouragement to plant trees that is forest, through innovative products adapted to people who haven't planted a tree yet, a simple innovative system of afforestation, and educational programs.

In the last couple of years, awareness about ecology has become a daily routine, and not only within people who are aware of today's ecology and active people but also widely spread across all citizens. It's not about following a trend anymore, it's about being aware of a dangerous and disturbed balance between people, the planet, and the whole ecosystem. The world today is truly moving forward with potential catastrophic scenarios if we don't take action quickly to stop or revert negative trends of deforestation and greenhouse gas emissions. Our goal is to unite and initiate the general public, private and business, and all age groups, in the direction of protection and restoration of forests in Croatia. That is why, through Projekt O?, we have designed products that facilitate tree planting and afforestation - innovative, stimulating, and simple enough to actively involve every individual, family, or company. These are modernly designed products with seeds or already sprouted saplings of trees: Seed Bombs and Green Voucher.

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