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Magic Forest d.o.o.

Category Small Business Member Industry: Technology

Magic Forest is a Croatia-based start-up, focused on simplifying the carbon offset process by connecting forest landowners (users) with sustainability-oriented corporations (buyers) who either rent, or plant trees, on user-owner land.

Our platform MVP includes features which enable a forest landowner to add their plots of land to our database wheater they own forested land or land that needs afforestation (Projekt O2). We provide the solution for a corporation which wants to calculate their carbon footprint in order to determine how many hectares of land need to be, either rented annually in order to offset the required % of carbon emissions or planted with trees, using our drone technology (see this) as well as to be connected to a project that matches their carbon offset needs via a secure and reliable carbon token purchase transaction. Project O2 provides innovative biotechnological solutions to the market with a multidisciplinary approach of agronomy, forestry, entrepreneurship, WEB/GIS technologies, mapping, ecological footprint and social networks.Through an interactive web application, individuals and companies that join the project can monitor what and where they havel planted, progression on plantation etc. It offers insight to future tree or forest as well as areas where it can be planted. At the same time get a calculation of the positive ecological footprint they are leaving as a legacy.

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