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Manpower d.o.o.

Category Corporate Member Industry: Human Resources

With offices in more than 80 countries around the world, ManpowerGroup is a global leader in temporary and permanent employment, providing companies of all sizes continuous staffing solutions, with the aim of strengthening business stability and competitiveness.

With a market presence since 2008, ManpowerGroup Croatia accepts and applies best global practices, and proves the development of expertise at the highest level. ManpowerGroup helps companies manage the changing needs for talent in today’s labor market where the speed of access to the right employees represents a strong competitive advantage. For eight years in a row, ManpowerGroup is the only company in the field of human resources, named the most ethical company in the world by the Ethisphere Institute. It is also highly ranked on the Fortune 500, the list of the largest American companies, and at the same time it is recorded on the list of the world's largest companies.

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