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McKinsey report about State of Grocery in Central Europe 2023
September 21, 2023

McKinsey report about State of Grocery in Central Europe 2023

Croatian citizens save on groceries, but unlike consumers in other Central European countries, they prefer to choose local products.

Croatian consumers are looking for ways to save money due to rising grocery prices, often choosing cheaper brands and sellers who offer better prices. Nevertheless, even 24% of consumers in Croatia do not give up buying local products, and this year they saved the most on three product categories - snacks and sweets, alcohol, and soft drinks. When some foods are on sale, all age groups are happy to buy them in larger quantities, and in case of further price increases, members of the baby boom generation are more willing to buy a smaller number of products. Regarding locations, supermarkets are Croatian consumers' favorite places to shop, but discount stores are becoming increasingly popular. Croatia lags behind Central Europe in the habit of buying groceries online, as 56% of Croatian consumers declared that they had never bought groceries online.

You can download the entire research in English at the following link.

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