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Meeting on the topic of digitalization of justice and administration
March 15, 2023

Meeting on the topic of digitalization of justice and administration

AmCham representatives met with Mrs. Renata Diankov, head of the Independent Sector for Digitization of Justice and Public Administration in the Ministry of Justice and Administration.

Andrea Doko Jelušić, executive director of AmCham, welcomed the Ministry's efforts to continue with the digitalization of the Croatian judiciary and public administration as much as possible. This is particularly important for existing investors who are planning additional investments, as well as potential investors who are considering investing in Croatia. The predictability of the judiciary and administration due to the automation and digitization of business processes sends a positive message to investors.

Ms. Diankov listed a number of projects that the Ministry is actively working on in order to increase the number of digitized services and procedures, such as remote hearings in civil cases, the use of artificial intelligence to anonymize court judgments that will be published publicly, audio recording in courts or digitization of processes recruitment of new officials in the Ministry.

AmCham and the Ministry of Justice and Administration agreed to continue cooperation.


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