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Nexe d.d.

Category Patron Member Industry: Manufacturing

NEXE business system includes 15 companies in Republic of Croatia, Serbia and Bosnia and Herzegovina with more than 1760 employees.

Its core activity is production of construction materials - cement, concrete, aggregates, concrete elements, roof tile, brick and ceramic tiles. NEXE business system also includes port 'Tranzit' in Osijek and waste management company Ekonex. Vision of NEXE is to be a leading producer of construction materials recognized for its socially responsible operations and creation of sustainable values for its customers, owners, employees and social community. Mission is to build better future responsibly. Accomplishment of mission and vision and strategic goals is secured through a systematic approach to leadership and managing processes. By introducing and managing certified management systems NEXE takes care about its social responsibility. In its operations, NEXE business system is guided by guidelines of the Quality Policy and through its quality management system strives for greater satisfaction of its customers, continuous prevention of environment pollution and ensuring a healthy and safe environment for its employees and suppliers and when applicable, introduction of new techniques and technologies in accordance with good industrial practice and best available techniques. NEXE pays close attention to projects aimed at improvement of living conditions in communities where it operates.

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