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Odvjetničko društvo Šooš Maceljski, Mandić, Stanić & Partneri d.o.o.

Category Small Business Member Industry: Legal Services

M&S Partners operate as a limited liability company, with a long-standing tradition and reliable and dedicated lawyers who are leaders in their own fields.

Our areas of practice include Corporate Law, Banking & Finance, Bankruptcy & Insolvency, Debt Collection, Energy, Compensation for Damage, Criminal Law, Contracts, Real Estate, Litigation, Employment Law, Administrative Law, Intellectual Property, Public Procurement and many other branches of law. We are a full-service law firm. We support a diverse group of clients, from individuals, family-owned companies, NGOs and start-ups to large financial institutions, state bodies, high-ranking politicians and national and multi-national corporations and associations. High working standards that include great commitment, expertise and a high level of efficiency are a part of our business ethics from which we never deviate, in order to provide the highest quality legal services. We are here for our clients wherever and whenever they need us.

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