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SOS Dječje selo Hrvatska

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30 years of carefree and happy childhood - Isn't it a wonderful feeling knowing that you belong to someone? Protection, love, stability and belonging – all the things are given to you by your family.

SOS Children's Village Croatia has a mission to create exactly this environment for the children without appropriate parental care. We have been succesful in it for 30 years during which hundreds of children have found peace, love and warmth of a home in SOS Children's Villages. Safe family environment creates the feeling of happy childhood where children grow up together with their biological siblings, but also with SOS brothers and sisters. The greatest support, safe haven, love and warmth are provided by the SOS mother who is facing many challenges every day. In spite of all that, she is the happiest when all the children in her house feel safe and loved. This is what we are striving for – creating a family, because the family is where the heart is! More about us at .

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